We at Essay Writing Library are the market leader of the online academic writing sector, we go to each and every length to safeguard and protect our customers. Our privacy policy is the proof of our commitment towards the data protection of our customers. However, we would like to bring under your notice that our privacy policies are subject to change. Changes and amendments can be made in any part of the website without any consent or notification given to the customer, which nevertheless will be made live for the viewership of the customers.

Information Accumulation:

We deem it necessary for our students to provide us with the compulsory details such as name, phone number, address and email address.

Privacy Of Information:

Essay Writing Library is a strong adherer and follower of the Data Protection Act and Companies Act. Hence, we ensure that every data shared with us remains protected and safeguarded by all means. Therefore, no data or personal information of the customer is shared to any third party.

Information Of Every Visit:

During your visit to our website for acquiring our academic writing services, we track your IP address, which is merely to ensure that customised and personalised services are offered to you.

Information Regarding Products & Services

We offer academic essay writing services, thus, for acquiring information regarding our product and services, our customers can use multiple forums including, SMS, phone call, or our live chat option. Additionally, for communicating the message of our seasonal and promotional discounts we use forum defined by the customer, which include, call, live chat, SMS, or email.

Personal Information Access

We offer complete leverage to customers to view their information and records held by the company. For accessing the details customers need to write an email stating our legal Department. For processing the request, we, Essay Writing Library reserve the complete right to enquire regarding your secret question and its answer, for the safety of the data and ensure the data is delivered to the right person.

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Essay Writing Library is a professional academic writing facility that assists students. Nonetheless, by no means are customers allowed to submit our assistance as their own.

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