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How To: Proofread?

A deep-seated notion that needs to be uprooted from the headspace of an individual is their belief in the power of mere writing, as their sheer ignorance displayed towards the art of proofreading is quite evident in most papers. Most students aren’t able to understand the lingering feeling of carelessness that looms through the paper […]

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4 Tricks That Work Every Time In Class Room

There is a general sense of misconception that crowds the head space of a student, as they tend to believe they’re disenfranchised, they believe their opportunities are cut short due to building pressure, and they believe their pathway is laden with rubble and debris that emits a decaying sense of being. Owing to such scenarios, […]

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4 Types Of Content You Should Be Sharing At LinkedIn

The advent of technology has tagged along with many advancements in our everyday life. For instance, you don’t need to go from office to office to drop your Curriculum Vitae. Our ancestors first switched to the mail posting system; then the focus was shifted to the email technology. Same was the case on the other […]