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4 Ways Stress Can Kill Your Efficiency

Stress is a part of life and something that all of us deal with from time to time. Stress in some capacity is actually necessary for growth and survival in life. This is because stress puts our body and mind in a flight or fight mode. In ancient times, stress was actually highly important for surviving the harsh environment our ancestors used to live in. But today, the world is a lot different, with life getting easier and human beings no longer having to struggle as much for basic necessities of life.But the real problem starts when too much stress creeps in life. Stress is a very omnipotent productivity and efficiency killer able to affect anyone. From writers who work in a law essay writing service to most successful leaders in life, all can suffer at the hands of increased stress. Effectively dealing with stress, then, is an important life skill to have. Letting stress take control can have disastrous consequences that could put one in a never-ending downward spiral.

So, to understand how to deal with stress, it helps to take a more in-depth look at how stress is responsible for killing one’s efficiency, both professionally and personally. With that in mind, here are four ways; stress can kill one’s efficiency.

Drains Energy and Impact Focus

Stress is an ironic phenomenon. Even though it gives one and adrenaline burst that helps in making one overly active, after the initial burst, all physical and mental energy is completely drained out. Prolonged stress makes one restless and keeps the mind constantly racing and active. By affecting sleep negatively, stress effectively prevents one from performing at the best of abilities. Thanks to one’s mind being all over the place due to stress, it also prevents focusing on what’s important.

Wastes Time

Stress makes us worried about the things that we either can’t control or things that are in the past. Being worried about such things makes our mind deviate from what’s important, and before we know it, we’ve spent the entire day worrying about something that doesn’t even impact our life in any significant way.


By definition, creativity is coming up with unique or multiple solutions to a problem. Creativity requires the mind to be focused and alert, both things that aren’t possible with stress weighing down on it. When under stress, we tend to go with the first solution that comes up, regardless of it being ideal or not. To put it simply, stress seriously limits our abilities to come up with new ideas.

Impairs Judgement

Stress directly affects our ability to make calculated decisions, hampering our judgement. It can make us do things that we normally don’t do. It can make us take risks we don’t take. In extreme cases, stress can also make one commit to things that are illegal or unethical. These things can ultimately lead one down a path from where there’s no return.